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As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to experience a different culture and way of living. Volunteer positions include helping with and learning about vegetarian cooking, organic agriculture and nutrition, environmentally friendly construction/design projects, yoga, meditation, philosophy, and working with art and educational programs for the children living in and around the community. You can also bring your creative energies to our workshops, make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Our ashrams are trying to be self sufficiant centers of conscious art and environmentally constructive. All situations are depending on our friends and the volunteers. Expect the need of improvisation. You are responsible for yourself. If you are not healthy please report your condition. If you want to heal yourself from some addiction, inform us to recommend the best place for it. Right of volunteer service depends on local ashram directors acceptance and can be cancelled at any time. Usually one month is minimum, but shorter period is also possible.

While a volunteer in the ashram refrain from smoking, drugs and be a vegetarian. thanks :)

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Brazil - Vrinda Bhumi farm


Dear visitor or volunteer
We are located in Minas Gerais and are working with enthusiasm in an eco community named Vrinda Bhumi. There is alot to do which provides great opportunity for learning and hope for your help to improve services to our local community.
The climate is very nice and it is possible to live in a tent.

Vrinda Bhumi is a pioneer project of extraordinary beauty.
There are more than 10 water falls in our farm with beautiful facilities and a big river for swimming. You can find many other waterfalls at walking distance. Vrinda bhumi is a pioneer project. Swami Puri, who is also a Inbound Yoga instructor, started this community 6 years ago. We are making Eco Paths through the jungles and maintaining beautiful organic cultivations, fruit trees, etc. We are composting and working with lombriculture.

We are in the beautiful Mingerais area of Brasil, next to Baependi in a place called "The water circuit". The surrounding mountains are called "The Crying Mountains" or "Serra de Mantequeira".

In Vrinda Bhumi we have nice camping facilities with nice bathroom. We probably have the first and only termate hill mandir inspiring our Inbound Yoga Meditation. We are deep in the jungles, with much wild life, such as different monkeys, tropical birds, tucans, pumas.

Artistic contributions are welcome

Volunteer program:

We offer you to learn Portuguese and Spanish, and hope that you teach us English :). Learn to play drums, to meditate with nice music, and you will learn discipline, which helps us to control the body and the mind. Live here far away from facebook and electricity, with pure air and nature sounds.

Hatha Yoga:
The practice of this healthy modality of yoga will give flexibility to your body and put your mind in a very relaxed modaliy, allowing you to experiment harmony through a mind and body transformation. The practice of Hatha Yoga is made in the fields what helps your body and soul to reach the proper connection with your inner voice.

Agriculture and vegetarian food:
Agriculture is one of the most important activities in Vrinda Bhumi, so we are preparing the land to offer us the perfect food. Organic vegetables are part of good nutrition and in order for us to get them you will learn about natural plantation what will allow you to evolve orders in this magnific process which includes, through knowledge and practice, to protect and respect the environment.

Sorting out the seeds/beans

Planting the seeds

Planting trees

Beautiful cows in harmony with humans, giving more milk than the calf can take

Life Philosophy:
Vedic philosophy classes are offered on daily basis. The main purpose of these classes is to show that is it possible to perform a really great service to humanity.

Early morning

You will learn how to construct different architectural buildings using ecological materials. You will learn about the Truly constructions and temazcals.

Important points to be considerated:
The food is lacto-vegetarian and it consists of three meals per day, based on healthy lacto-vegetarian natural products.

Please note that we request our visitors or volunteers to abstain from intoxicants and extramarital relationship to preserve the sanctity of the project.

The community does not have electricity nor internet.

What you need to bring:
-A tent, a sleeping bag, blankets, a lantern, a camping math (if possible), hat, mosquitos repellent, sun block.
-Confortable clothes and also warm clothes in order to keep you well sheltered up to the night.
-Personal hygienic articles (preferably organic ones) to wash yourself and toilet paper too.

What you cannot bring:

-Any kind of drugs or hallucinogens, tobacco, alcohol, etc.
-Any kind of food that contains any kind o meat (including fish) or eggs.

Cost: 6 US daily or 180 US per month corresponding to three meals per day. This is also equivalent to 4 or 5 hours of work in any of our areas.

The program includes Hatha Yoga and other classes, Meditation, Vedic philosophy study programmes, ecological paddles, accommodation and full vegetarians meals. We follow Mahatma Gandhi's concept of sustentable living we are bulding more huts with clay made by ourselves. Our Truly to Meditate just need some finishing touchs. And if all this appeals to you, we are only 5 hours from Sao Paulo's airport. You can make contact with us and we explain you how we can meet.

Contact: Marissa Fidalgo (speaks english) mohanamurti(at)gmail.com
0055 (11) 5908-1361

Blogg: http://volunteeringvrindabhumi.blogspot.com/



ilaria said...

I tried to contact them but the email comes back..does anybody have another email address, please?


Vasu Viktor said...

hmm, strange! sorry for bad communications, we are working on this, somehow to get all connections working fine.

ok, i have one email that i KNOW is working: :)


ilaria said...

thanks a lot for answering, just tried with that address, I'll let you know if it's working fine :)

Unknown said...

Hello, My Name is Rowan.
I am in Sao Paolo, I am very interested in coming to this Eco Yoga Ashram. Where is it?

my email is rowan_james694@hotmail.com

jhonatan said...

hello all the world this is an beautiful fimka vrinda bhumi farm all right bay love

lisacaraway said...

Hey there, I want to come in March for a month, does anyone have a functional e-mail? None of those posted work, thanks...

Much Love,

Lisa C.

Vasu Viktor said...

sorry for the delay... here is a good contact mohanamurti(at)gmail.com
just replace the at with a @


Marco Ramos - Coy said...

Boa Noite

Gostaria de saber onde fica localizada exatamente a Comunidade? Existe um site em portugues?

Grande abraço

Marco Ramos - Coy said...

Boa Noite

Gostaria de saber onde fica localizada exatamente a Comunidade? Existe um site em portugues?

Grande abraço

Shyamananda das said...

Olá Marco Ramos,

Acho que você tem para entrar em contato por e-mail. Não consigo encontrar nenhum site em Português.

Marco Ramos - Coy said...

Bom dia!

Ja mandei um email, para o contato que vi no site, espero que me respondam!


Unknown said...


I'm extremely interested in coming traveling to this Ashram. Is the email address given working?



vicente said...

HI I,M JOSE I'm looking x more info about the farms .i live in miami and i want a good positive change in my life plz contact me thanks

Vasu Viktor said...

hi jose!
well if you contact mohanamurti(at)gmail.com
(replace the at with @) then you will get all the further info you need to get there

G said...

Sent the email to "mohanamurti@..." now just waiting you guys!

Jeenal Mehta said...

Dear friends of Vrinda Bhumi farm,

You guys are doing an amazing job to bring sustainable development not only physically but also mentally. Very beautiful concept to keep the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi alive. I wish you alot of peace and prosperity and that thousands of people benefit from such an extraordinary cause that you are doing. Namaste! Hare Krishna! - Jeenal Mehta, www.wiselivingyoga.com - India

Purna yoga integral Valdivia said...

Hola, quisiera visitarlos este verano que tengo que hacer para la inscripción??, saludos espero su respuesta mi e- mail es mahadevi.yogaintegral@gmail.com

Purna yoga integral Valdivia said...

Hola, quisiera visitarlos este verano que tengo que hacer para la inscripción??, saludos espero su respuesta mi e- mail es mahadevi.yogaintegral@gmail.com

Govinda S.D. said...

Please visit our nwe page www.vrindabhumi.com for more information

por favor visite www.vrindabhumi.com para mas informacion

Govinda S.D. said...

Please visit our new site www.vrindabhumi.com for more information
Por favor visite nuestro nuevo site www.vrindabhumi.com

Unknown said...

Hi there,
i have emailed a few times but havent had any response? just checking is there any other way we can communicate? Kind regards, Stefanie

Mohana said...

I am responsible for welcoming volunteers here in Vrinda Bhumi,Minas Gerais, Brasil.
Would like to ask you PLEASE change the information about price. The correct suggested amount per day is US$12.00 (twelve dollars)!
Thank you very much for your collaboration!
Mohana Murti

Mohana said...


The volunteer fee is as follows:

US $ 15.00 per day if you stay under two weeks.

US $ 12.00 per day if you stay between two and four weeks.

US $ 10.00 per day if you stay longer than four weeks.

Unknown said...

Hii if you have any kind of job for me

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