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As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to experience a different culture and way of living. Volunteer positions include helping with and learning about vegetarian cooking, organic agriculture and nutrition, environmentally friendly construction/design projects, yoga, meditation, philosophy, and working with art and educational programs for the children living in and around the community. You can also bring your creative energies to our workshops, make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Our ashrams are trying to be self sufficiant centers of conscious art and environmentally constructive. All situations are depending on our friends and the volunteers. Expect the need of improvisation. You are responsible for yourself. If you are not healthy please report your condition. If you want to heal yourself from some addiction, inform us to recommend the best place for it. Right of volunteer service depends on local ashram directors acceptance and can be cancelled at any time. Usually one month is minimum, but shorter period is also possible.

While a volunteer in the ashram refrain from smoking, drugs and be a vegetarian. thanks :)

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Ecuador - Vrindavan Jardin Ecologico

Vrindavan Jardin Ecologico is located in beautiful subtropical jungle, 60 hektars of land (of which most is virgin forest), spectacular waterfalls for baths. This farm receives visitors from all over the world and has a nice vegetarian restaurant and has a steamy sweatlodge.

In the Ecological Corredor you can find more than 1000 species of the 3700 Orchids of Ecuador. Situated in the heart of this beautiful valley, you can appreciate these beautiful gifts of mother nature in our orchid farm.

There is no other place in Ecuador where you can eat great vegetarian food, play with a monkey, admire orchids, plant herbs and sweat out toxins in a temascal.

Your participation:
needs help in eco garden
orchid plantation
etc etc

How to get there:
Arrive in Quito, then you go to Esmeralda 853, where is our main center in an old style colonial monastary that is now a Yoga temple. From there we take a bus to Rio Negro via Baños. Vrindavan is situated 3 kms from Rio Negro, a town situated halfway between Baños and Puyo. From Rio Negro, cross the bridge over the Pastaza river and follow the road uphill until you arrive. In the town you can ask the local people for a camioneta (taxi) which will transport you to the farm for $ 2.

contact: Sukamrita, fincavrindavan@yahoo.com
Cel: (593) 86016152



Eliza said...

Hi, My mother and I are very interested in coming out to help you. My mother is always out in the garden, we love cooking and would love to help those in the community. Please may we get more info as well. Do email at liza1805@hotmail.com.

Many thanks,

Eliza and Sarah

Harry said...

Dear Vrindavan Jardin Ecologico,

My name is Harry, am a 23-year old physicist, and I am extremely interested in your farm. Your orchid garden looks beautiful and I would like to help maintain it.

I have worked many hours in my parent's organic farm planting, picking, spreading manure, and such.

I am looking to work for a month that falls some time between the end of June and the middle of August and am really willing to throw myself into the work! Do you think there might be a position for me?

Thank you,



Lisa said...

Muchos Saludos, your Email can not be reached anymore. Im so sad, that looks exactly like what i was looking for to stay.
If you reed this please conact me Lola_katze@web.de
Thanks a lot